1 end glow fiber optic lighting cable with jacket

End glow cable with jacket

Product code Fiber dia (mm) Attenuation (db/km) Jacket materials Operation temp℃ Length of roll (M)
Z750-P 0.75 ≤200 Black PE -50~+70 2500
Z1000-P 1 ≤200 Black PE -50~+70 2500
Z1500-P 1.5 ≤200 Black PE -50~+70 700
Z2000-P 2 ≤200 Black PE -50~+70 350
Z3000-P 3 ≤200 Black PE -50~+70 150

Above cables are our basic end glow fiber optic cable with jacket

We are able to do customization cable according to customers need

Suitable for Applications

1. For Interior Decorative Lighting such as Home, KTV, Hotel, Theater, Club and Pub and high-grade entertainment place
2. For signage lighting such as Advertising light boxes, Swimming pool, mines, tunnels, highways etc
3. Museum displays, StarField ceilings
4. Landscapes
5. You could find more applications of our fiber optic lighting cables Here

More Pictures

2 end glow multicore fiber optic lighting cable
3 end glow fiber optic lighting cable with jacket

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